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Summer Bridge Program

For those students entering 9th grade as college students, it becomes increasingly important to provide extra support to help them become acclimated to the transition into the demands of higher education. At WECHS we have developed many resources to address this issue, such as peer counseling programs and faculty mentoring programs. However, one noteworthy resource is a “Bridge” Program. Bridge Programs have the intention of helping first-generation college students succeed by introducing them to diverse college experiences and knowledge such as understanding dual credit courses, college faculty, and college facilities before the official school year begins. The incoming 9th grade third cohort for WECHS will experience being in a college atmosphere through some topics covered during three weeks four day workshops:

Workshop 1: Development of soft academic skills: study skills, study groups, degree plans, college syllabi, and organizational skills.

Workshop 2: Math skills: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College Algebra.

Workshop 3: English skills: Reading, Writing, and Persuasive Essays.

The Manual for the TSI Assessment from the Princeton Review will be the primary resource for the academic workshops.