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General Campus Policy Information

General Campus Policy Information

Breakfast: Breakfast is served in the cafeteria every morning from 7:00am - 7:25am

School Hours: School begins at 7:35am and is dismissed at 3:10pm. It is imperative that students arrive on time and are in attendance each school day.

Reporting Areas: All students are expected to enter the building through the cafeteria, before transitioning to the auditorium.

Buses/Student Pick-Up/Bus Passes: Students eligible to receive bus transportation will receive a district issued bus pass. The drop off/pick-up area for all students is located near the cafeteria/student parking lot.

P.E. Uniforms: 9th grade students enrolled in physical education may purchase a uniform or wear a plain grey shirt with black shorts. All students are required to dress out and participate. The uniforms may be ordered through the main office for a cost of $25.

Cell Phones/Electronics: School board policy states that student cell phone usage is not permitted during school hours. Anyone in violation of this policy will have their phones confiscated and assessed a charge of $15.

Outside Food: Students are not permitted to receive food deliveries during the school day, but may opt to bring their preferred food items in a concealed lunch bag.

Appointments: Parents are asked to call 409-984-8960 or send an email to schedule an appointment with teachers, counselors, or school administration. Email addresses can be found on the school website at