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Professional Learning Community

Weekly Professional Learning Communities function as a way to continually question, reevaluate, refine, and improve teaching strategies and knowledge. Meetings are goal-driven exchanges facilitated by educators with a common goal of student success.



Math Department

Pelar Echavez, Emerald Vaughn & Sebrena Washington

1st period

ELAR Department

Lucille Biebel, Delena Flakes & Imani Rahim

1st period

Social Studies Department

Ronald Bishop, John Goudeaux & Victor Navarro

1st period

Science Department

Caitlin Belyeu & Andrew Knight

1st period


Electives / Specials

Spanish I & II

Veronica Garcia &

4th period

Spanish II & III

Mireya Severns

3rd period


Student Success

Yolanda Avery

M/W – 2nd/6th, T/R – 1st& Fri. – 4th/8th

Physical Education

Tichawona Hudson

6th period

Study Hall

Linda Spears

4th period