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Communication Plan

Communication Plan

The ECHS Communication Plan will consist of developing/updating marketing materials for the ECHS that emphasize the district’s vision. The target audience is parents, students, school board, and community members. Communication activities will include providing a directory of ECHS contacts, developing and updating an ECHS brochure, maintaining an ECHS website, and providing regular updates regarding the ECHS via monthly newsletter. The following table identifies how the ECHS will establish and maintain regular communication with key ECHS stakeholders.




Establish regular communication with public

Taxpayers and business/community leaders

Publication in local paper for district residents (Monthly)

Identify influential parent and/or community leaders

Administration, Board Members, and Staff

Invite key stakeholders to meetings (Ongoing)

Improve campus website

Parents, students, community, school board

Redesign home page, update site as needed, and include marketing resources (Weekly)

Continue to develop public outreach opportunities

Parents, community, staff, business leaders, and administration

Parent information meetings (Semester), Develop collaborative partnerships (Ongoing), and Solicit  public input (Ongoing).