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In 2014, Port Arthur ISD and LSCPA engaged in discussions and began to plan for the establishment of an Early College High School (“WECHS”) with a Career and Technical Education (“CATE”) focus as well as provide 60 semester hours of credit leading to an associate of arts degree for students who wish to transfer to a university. The WECHS will provide students with workforce-ready training, certifications, and/or an Associate of Applied Science upon completion of high school or an Associate of Arts degree. The Early College High School will be located on LSCPA’s campus and the former Woodrow Wilson Middle School. Some college courses will be conducted at the WECHS facility and other courses will be taught on the campus of LSCPA. The high school and college campuses are across the street from each other and actually share a parking lot.

The program will provide student learning and support programs that enable participating students to achieve a high school diploma and earn up to 60 semester credit hours toward and Associate of Applied Science degree or Associate of Arts degree by the end of the student’s senior year. Additionally, the WECHS will provide workplace internships, field projects, industry mentorships, and college and career counseling. The WECHS will commence with approximately 100 students in grade nine and continue to phase in approximately 100 students in grade nine on a yearly basis, with a maximum enrollment not to exceed 400 students in grades 9-12.