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Family Outreach Events

Throughout the year, we host Family Outreach Events that are free and open to all WECHS families. Here is what is ahead:



July 30: Parent/Student orientation to the LASCPA campus academic activities for 9th grade students.



August 3-4: Apply Texas support for parents and students one on one training



September 8: Highlighting importance of parent involvement in education

September 28: Parents invited to the Multilingual Department presentation of Title I, part C; Title III, part A. Also, guest speaker from the Port Arthur Health Department.

Note: Conferences presented in Spanish Language

September 30: Title I information



October 16: Financial planning for parents and students. (Scheduled date subject to be changed).



November 10: FAFSA and other financial aid information.

November 11: Veterans Day



December 10: Virtual MHS Winter Showcase free event for families.



February 17: Title I. Brochure will be mailed to all parents.

February 19: Mental health education. Hosted by Spindletop.



March 3-4: Early college program promotion.



April 20: 10th grade parent meeting: Discuss 2021-22 school year transition to 11th grade.

April 30: 11th grade parent meeting: Discuss 2021-22 school year transition to 12th grade.



May 7: Senior Night. Sponsored by SEMPRA