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PAISD Admission

Admission to PAISD's WECHS will be limited to students who reside in the PAISD and who meet the eligibility requirements for enrollment in an early college program and dual enrollment program under Applicable Law. As was the case for the initial cohort admitted in 2016, the PAISD and LSCPA recruitment teams will focus on identifying highly-capable students that may or may not be experiencing academic success. Recruitment efforts will also focus on at-risk students, historically underserved student populations, and first generation college students. Additionally, PAISD shall comply with all recruitment and notification requirements of Chapter 28 of the Texas Education Code. Students will be required to complete applications for both PAISD's WECHS and LSCPA. The LSCPA application will be due on May 1, 2019. Students must meet established LSCP A and THECB admission requirements for each college class upon enrollment.

LSCPA Admission

Decisions regarding college admission, college readiness, the ability to perform college-level work, or otherwise function in a college environment shall rest within the sole discretion of LSCPA. Enrollment, or continued enrollment, in LSCPA by students enrolled in the PAISD WECHS shall not be considered an entitlement.

Summer Bridge Program
Admissions Application
Please review the application carefully and ensure all information provided is complete and accurate. Any application that is incorrect and/or incomplete will not be considered.
Applications should be turned in to your 8th Grade Counselor.
Por favor revise cuidadosamente la solicitud asegurese que toda la infomormacion, este complea y exacta. Cualquier solicitud incorrecta e/o incompleta no sera considerada.
Entregue su aplicacion al consejero de Grado 8