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WECHS Recruitment and Selection Plan

The PAISD has developed a variety of recruiting strategies and selection criteria to attract and enroll population of students in the early college high school program, which follows the guidelines established by the TEA. Criteria included in the selection process is composed of a combination of dimensions of students’ demographic, ethnic, and socio-economic characteristics. The WECHS selects each cohort of 100 students through a blind lottery where all applicants are included. This process involves a variety of stakeholders such as parents and community members.

Key recruitment strategies include presentations made at both PAISD middle schools by WECHS students, guided 8th grade tours that include presentations made by guess speakers from both LSCPA and WECHS campuses, guidance provided to students and parents by both 8th grade middle school counselors, and ask parents of students to spread word. Additionally, each middle school prioritized presentations to different minority groups. Other strategies will be considered for the upcoming 2019 recruitment efforts include visiting local churches and community organizations. Additionally, Spanish speaking media have been made aware of the recruitment event and asked to provide support in the dissemination of the information to the Hispanic community. Given the goals and priorities of the program, the PAISD leadership strongly advocates for strict adherence to guidelines provided within the ECHS Blue Print.